Eve Van Cauter

Professor Emeritus Department of Medicine
Section of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
Committee on Molecular Metabolism
Committee of Clinical and Translational Science
University of Chicago

Eve Van Cauter, PhD is the Frederick H. Rawson Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago, where she directs the Sleep, Metabolism and Health Center (SMAHC).

During the past decade, research in her laboratory focused on the impact of decreases in sleep duration and quality on physical health and the interaction of sleep disturbances with the epidemic of obesity. Her group identified sleep loss and poor sleep quality as novel risk factors for obesity and diabetes. In recent years, her efforts have focused on understanding the mechanisms linking insufficient sleep and dysregulaiton of hunger and appetite.  The group is also doing groundbreaking research on the impact of obstructive sleep apnea on the risk and severity of type 2 diabetes and on the metabolic implications of circadian misalignment as occurs in jet lag and shift work.

Eve Van Cauter has received the 2007 Gerald D. Aurbach Award  of the Endocrine Society, the 2007 Outstanding Research Award of the Sleep Research Society, the 2010 Peter C. Farrell Prize in Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, the 2013 Distinguished Scientist Award of the Sleep Research Society and the 2016 Priscilla White Lectureship on Metabolism of the Joslin Diabetes Center. She is the author of more than 250 scientific publications.


  • BS, 1970, University Libre de Bruxelles, Physics
  • MS, 1973, University Libre de Bruxelles, Actuarial Sciences
  • PhD, 1977, University Libre de Bruxelles, Biophysics

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